A Hot Sailor, A Cold Margarita,

and... Trouble

"A funny and sexy romp with tons of heart."

~ Carolyn Hay, Screenwriter

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One impulsive redhead + three months in Panama = a page-turner romantic comedy memoir


Authentic and transparent, Lila Z Rose’s debut memoir is a stylish, roller coaster ride through the twists and turns of sexual politics – and foreign roads:

Lila has a tendency to fall hard – whether it’s klutz tripping into the path of a speeding cab – or tumbling into a sexy encounter with a hot Sailor on a steamy night in Panama City. If she could just live up to her motto – no pets, no plants, no personal entanglements – she’d sidestep the pitfalls. Unfortunately, the heart has other plans.


Funny. Sensuous. Poignant. A Hot Sailor, A Cold Margarita, and… Trouble is a memoir of fast love – forbidden love – and one woman’s quest for paradise on a blue-haze horizon.


“I think we need more authors like Lila Z Rose who have the courage to expose their raw, authentic Life in stories that we can laugh at, cry with and learn from.

I also think that when we share our lives as this author does, that we discover we don’t need to be told by others what makes up our individual beauty, talents and strengths. Our gifts and experiences will be laid bare on the table for ourselves and others to marvel at, to embrace and to celebrate.” ~ Harry Tucker, Wall Street/Fortune 25 strategy advisor

The Genius Series - Interviews with lndustry Leaders

The Genius Series is a series of interviews with exceptional people

    In this series Lila explores some of the up-and-coming and established artists that excel in their field. Read the interview now with Lewaa Nasserdeen, filmmaker and writer. A rising star in Hollywood!  

Read the Interview by clicking here

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